Sandro Magnoler

was born in Treviso in 1960.

From a young age, he took a keen interest in every manifestation of artistic creativity, supporting an innate and deeply felt vocation as necessary. He was first drawn to the world of jazz music, which he became truly passionate about, and soon after went from being a simple spectator to becoming a double bass player. His passion for avant-garde music stimulated him even more, bringing him closer to the more experimental environments that would refine his taste and push him, through various collaborations and experiences, to play increasingly sophisticated and complex sounds. This assiduous search for an interior musicality guided him towards the further evolution of his language, which found its new important reference in painting. Impatient with academic constraints, he followed a self-taught path, studying and observing movements, currents, styles and authors, which provided inspiration for his expressive poetics. The mixture of different materials, reutilisation, and the connection of painting with different and extraneous contaminations paved the way to his formal lexicon, which by transforming the concrete substances of reality allowed the “picture” to become a metaphor of existence